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Hit the Trail Bars

Yesterday was my first attempt at homemade granola bars. I actually can’t believe I haven’t made these before or even tried: they’re so easy and healthy. Maybe I should stick to these instead of spending money on Lara Bars all the time? Next on my list should be attempted homemade Lara Bars actually…I think those […]

Workout Motivation

We woke up this morning to this:

kinda bright..sorry

It snowed a TON last night.

So, turns out, spring is not yet here. Bummer.

There was zero snow on the ground yesterday. I went for a nice 4 mile run, no snow, not even puddles. I’m looking out the window right […]

Mug Cake Fail

Have you guys noticed this trend of making single serving “cakes” in mugs? They’re all really simple: few ingredients, stir in mug, microwave, devour. I can definitely get on board with that. So yesterday, I tried.

I found a recipe that actually looked somewhat healthy so I decided to give it a try. Here are […]

Full Body Swiss Ball Workout

Got another workout for you guys! This one does require some equipment but not much. You’ll need a swiss ball and a pair of dumbbells (and a timer). I happen to have a swiss ball and some weights at home but you should be able to find a SB at most gyms and they’re pretty […]

Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi

Oooo we had a great dinner the other night. One of the many wonderful things about coming to my husband’s parent’s house is they always have fresh fish and other meats on hand. This time around, the fish of choice was Mahi Mahi. They had salmon, tuna, and other’s but honestly, I prefer salmon and […]

Los Angeles Adventures

Happy President’s Day! I’m sure you’re all out celebrating however one might celebrate President’s Day. I guess with a day off work? Sounds reasonable to me.

So, we went to LA for the day because my husband had to go to a trade show in Anaheim. I (forgetting what LA traffic was like….I lived there […]

Valentine’s Day Love

Well, Valentine’s Day was a success! I wasn’t 100% sure what to do for my husband but ultimately, I decided on doing a candy scavenger hunt.

I bought 10 boxes of candy (yea, seriously we’re stocked for life now) and wrote out either a reason why I loved him, a fond memory, or something […]

Paleonola Review

You may remember this past summer when I tried the Paleo diet and failed big time. I honestly think I “failed” not because I didn’t or don’t believe in the diet, but because of my lack of self control. I was working at a bakery which is the worst place to be when you’re cutting […]

High Protein Snacks

I am definitely a snacker, or should I say, grazer. I also eat full meals so I’m not sure what that would be called…just someone who eats a lot? Really hungry girl? I don’t know. I do know that I enjoy my snacks. I’ve talked about bars I eat before (Lara bars, Luna, Kind, etc). […]

Arm Sculpting Workout

I like this workout a lot, mostly because it focuses on arms. I’m sure most of you have a favorite body part or area you like working out, for me, it’s definitely arms! My least favorite is probably abs but I try to force myself to work them anyway!

The only thing you’re going to […]