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Grocery Budget Challenge-Take 2

We’ve been pretty busy lately: going out of town all the time, having visitors, etc. Traveling is always pricy. We’ve tried our hardest to keep things on the cheaper side but when you add up driving 2 hours to Denver, flying out, renting cars, wedding presents, etc. it all adds up very quickly.

I think […]

CPK BBQ Chicken Salad

I used to go to California Pizza Kitchen oh, probably once or twice a week when growing up (mostly in high school). My friends and I loved that place. Talking about it actually makes me miss it….delicious BLT pizza’s (yeah, really healthy for you), Waldorf Salad, split pea soup..even a tuna melt pizza. That one […]

Wedding Weekend

First of all, thank you SO much for the sweet comments regarding our new addition. We’re (obviously) SO excited and really looking forward to the next year.

The wedding was so much fun this past weekend! It was honestly my first experience at a wedding not drinking so..that was different :). It was still really […]

Looking Forward…

No workout video this week…sorry guys! I’m heading to Houston today for a wedding. Remember the Indian wedding I’ve mentioned before…? That’s the one this weekend! I finally got my outfit and am ready to go!

I have to admit, I’m really excited. I think just because I find different culture’s way of celebrating major […]

Roasted Chickpeas

I’m not sure I’ve ever actually cooked chickpeas before, I usually just throw them into a salad, raw. I’ve heard roasted chickpeas are great though and pretty healthy too so I decided to whip some up last night.

It was so easy and I can definitely see how you can spice them up with pretty […]

Healthy Chocolate Fudge (or pudding)

I swear this will be the last post of the week inspired by Stuft Mama. I just love her recipe ideas: easy, healthy, and quick…what’s not to love? After checking her site out I promptly had a new list of recipes to try out which, of course, were all dessert replacements :).

Since I had […]

Strawberry Chia Jam

I am SO excited about this recipe. Mostly because it actually worked, tastes great, and is healthy! I discovered a sweet little blog the other day called Stuft Mama and found multiple recipes that are now on my list to try. First up was her Chia based jam.

I buy regular jam but honestly don’t […]

Green Smoothies

The other night, the hubs and I were invited to a presentation given by a local Acupuncturist (Susan from The Laughing Buddha) about the health benefits of green smoothies. I’ve made green smoothies before (they usually turn out brown from berries..mmm) but have only used spinach so I was interested in hearing about other, more […]

Body Weight Pyramid Workout

Sorry for the delay on this post, we were having some internet issues earlier. Problem solved though so we’re back in business!

Since I was without computer today, I was sort of forced to get outside. The hubs and I went snowshoeing again which was fun (my calfs are still sore for the other day!). […]

Paleo Pancakes, Part Deux

I’m not on a strict Paleo diet…not even close. I do still like to incorporate some Paleo recipes into my life though and for some reason, I really want Paleo pancakes to work. I’ve tried them in the past and they always turned out okay…but mostly kinda dry and eggy.

I was doing my […]