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29 Weeks.

I’m actually 30 weeks pregnant now..can you believe it? Only 10 more! It’s sinking in now that this is happening and it’s happening very soon…crazy.

Anyway, I feel pretty good for the most part. I have little aches and pains here and there along with some nausea but nothing terrible. I have noticed I’m becoming […]

Pork Chops with Cinnamon Apples

We eat meat basically every night for dinner. If it wasn’t for my husband, I’d probably eat meat every now and then…mostly because I’m lazy :). Usually, chicken is the easiest and healthiest meat we buy, but I get so burned out on chicken. I try all sorts of different recipes, but they all kinda […]

Freezer Ready Meals

Since I’m finally in my third trimester, I’ve been trying to get a little organized and make lists of things I need to do (or would like to do) before the baby comes. As of right now, I don’t feel like it’s too much…mostly stocking up on everyday items like diapers, wipes, and some clean […]

Perfect Lemon Cookies

I realize my most recent post was on “clean eats”…and they were clean-which is super!! But..sometimes I need a little dirty in my life..aka sweets! Real sweets…made with white sugar, white flour, and butter…yaaa…none of this applesauce or banana stuff. Butter.

I basically love any kind of sweet, but I thought something with lemon […]

Recent Clean Eats

Hey guys!

I’ve suddenly started feeling motivated again to cook and bake…well, mostly bake. I haven to admit I’m still less than thrilled that I have to (choose to?) make dinner every night…every night? Really? That seems excessive don’t you think?

didn't they just eat?

I love that picture. That is basically my […]

Exercise in the Third Trimester

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys on how my exercising schedule is going. Lately, it’s been a little slow since I was out of town then got a little sick so I was trying to take it easy.

Overall, exercising throughout pregnancy has really been okay. I’ve stopped running as much as […]

Testing Pinterest

By now, I’m sure most of you are familiar with Pinterest. It’s basically another way to waste time on your computer…add it to the list right behind Facebook and Twitter!! But, it’s also pretty amusing and sometimes really does come in handy. I like using Pinterest especially for workouts and recipes. I’ve actually tried multiple […]

28 Weeks and Giveaway Winner!

I am officially into the third trimester and 7 months pregnant!! I can’t believe it. I know I keep saying this but that’s because it’s true-the time is flying by. I wish it would slow down a little just so we can enjoy being pregnant a bit and enjoy out last months together before our […]

Summertime Grilled Peaches

I keep forgetting it’s June-time is flying!! So, it’s officially summer right? YES finally! I’m so excited it’s summer time but I feel like it’s going to fly by and be snowing before I know it. I’d be okay if winter never came..just sayin’.

Since it’s summer time, that obviously means it’s grillin’ season! […]

The Simply Bar Giveaway

Since I’ve been a bad blogger lately, I think you guys deserve some free stuff so I’m having a giveaway today!!

I first tried the Simply Bar at the Blend Retreat about a month ago. I like them because they’re high in protein but low in calories and sugar which I think is pretty hard […]