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Phoenix Baby Shower

Back from Phoenix! Sorry I kind of left you guys hanging last week. Me and two other friends were planning this baby shower and I suddenly felt like I had a lot to do for it! Isn’t funny no matter how much you prep, the day of the party is always crazy! There’s always last […]

Upper and Lower Body Workouts

First of all, thanks for all the comments on our baby girl! 🙂 We’re so excited and looking forward to so many adventures with that little one. I still can’t believe it’s a she!!

Anyway, since coming home from Boston I’ve been focusing on other things besides running. In fact, I haven’t ran at all […]

It’s A….



So, my boy prediction was way off…oops! Our ultrasound was pretty amazing (like usual). I swear I wish I had one of those machines at home so I could watch her all the time….they’re probably only like, 50,000 bucks…Mother’s Day gift? 🙂

She was kicking around […]

Cupcake Wars

This weekend was pretty good: great weather, lots of sleep, and cupcakes. This coming Saturday, I’m having a baby shower for one of my best friends in Phoenix. Since me and my other two friends who are putting it on love to eat, we thought we’d make some homemade goodies for the shower instead of […]

20 Weeks

Okay, so I kinda skipped weeks 18 and 19. Don’t worry nothing life changing happened (actually a lot of life changing happened…I just don’t know about most of it currently going on in my belly!). Baby-wise, the last few weeks have felt great! The baby is kicking more and I love that my husband can […]

Boston Marathon Trip

Even though the race didn’t work out, we still had a great weekend in Boston. It was fun to explore and get to watch the race (even though I would have rather been running). I won’t bore with you blabbering on about the weekend…instead, I’ll just show you some pictures!

welcome bag


The Race That Never Was

Well folks, I’m back in Colorado. Sorry I haven’t updated you sooner….it turned out to be a kind of bummer weekend.

As you may have heard by now, the temperatures in Boston got up to a scorching 88 degrees on Monday. It honestly doesn’t sound that bad..unless you’re running a marathon. They say to dress […]

Boston Marathon: T-4 Days

4 days away folks! 4 days!! I can’t believe it’s here. I have to say, I’m super nervous. I didn’t think I would be but I totally am. I’m nervous for so many reasons I don’t even know where to start…

Well, I guess first I could start with the fact that I’m almost […]

Cupcakes for Two

This is quite possibly the most exciting recipe I’ve ever tried. There’s nothing particularly unique about the actual recipe…but the serving size it yields is perfection.

I’ve been searching around online lately for cupcake recipes for a baby shower (no, not my own). Not only that, but I’ve also been craving cupcakes like an […]

Strength Training While Pregnant

Well, I hit the gym again yesterday. Since I’m staying away from running this week, I thought strength training would be a nice substitute. That being said, I wanted to keep it semi-light. It would be pretty awful if I pulled a muscle or hurt myself lifting weights a couple days before the marathon!

Yesterday, […]